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Abrazos Army – Viva La Revolú

Abrazos Army makes Latin Salsoul sounds fused with hieroglyphic Hip Hop and rebel Rock that revolts.

ABRAZOS is a noun and a verb; a people, a place and an action! It is a cultural community, creative collective, and a musical movement of the people.

Form(ulated) from within the funky flames of an all star arkestra made up of improv insurrectionists, ABRAZOS ARMY consist of singer salsaboteurs, musical militants, rhythm rebels, lyrical liberationists, and other autonomous aesthetic abrazartistas and creative commandos who come together to foment a fiesta for your right to fight!

Like Funkadelic, ABRAZOS ARMY believes that if you “free yo mind, your ass will follow!” Like Bob Marley, we affirm that “music can unify the whole universe;” and like Fela Kuti said (and we agree), “music is the weapon” that we choose to arm ourselves with.

With that credo in our (collective) mind(s), ABRAZOS ARMY endeavors to embrace space and touch time to compose community and decolonize (our) culture … ABRAZOS ARMY is a révolu you can dance to!!!

★ “Viva La Revolú” Available On ➧ cdbaby

★ visit the website ➧ abrazosarmy.com ★ become a fan … fb ➧ 

Chichi Ortiz | Artist Profile

Chichi Ortiz

Diego “Chichi” Ortiz, is a renowned singer from the musical night scene in Bogotá, Colombia, with over 15 years of experience, is cataloged as one of the best “Front Man” in the market and has been part of many bands in the most prestigious live music clubs in the city.

Since 1999, Chichi has been involved with music at a professional level, toured for over a decade (USA, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Ecuador, Venezuela and Mexico). Recorded his first solo album in 2007 called “Este es mi Cuento” distributed by Universal Colombia. Chichi is now the lead vocalist in Kukaramakara Bogota, and played along artists such as Maia, Danny Marin, Magic Juan and many more.

Chichi Ortiz, is a perfect blend of two major genres: SALSA & HIP-HOP, these two have been the main inspiration for his songs, rhymes and beats, better known as SALSA URBANA, suits every occasion and creates a link between Latin music lovers and Hip Hop fans, a slight influence of rock and vibes from the pacific coast of Colombia; a perfect soundtrack to your underground club, musicians hang out or street party.

 Download Chichi’s latest single  “El Tin de Mi Selection”

 visit the website  chichiortizmusic.wix.com  become a fan … fb  chichiortiz

Timba Republic

A Sovereign State of Music

Yoruba Andabo

Yoruba Andabo is a Cuban band performing original sacred African music Yoruba Andabo es una banda cubana interpretando música africana sagrada originales.

ARChive of Contemporary Music, or "Would You Take My Mind Out for a Walk"

... formerly: Musica Joyaria!; the Supine View; and The Blogoschmeer


Afro Puerto Rican music band

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