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La Candela “On Time”

“On Time” is the second studio album of La Candela Salsa Orchestra. The recording sessions took place at the Arena Digital Recording Studios (Tenerife, Spain) during the months of May and June 2017.

Salsa, Mambo, Guaguancó and Cha Cha Cha filled with energy and good vibrations. You will probably feel an irresistible desire to jump on to the dance floor! Latin music made with love.

“On Time” Available On  cdbaby

Band Members:

Bass – Alejandro Fuentes Díaz
Bongos – José Brito
Congas – Fran Martín Ciani (also Lead Vocal on “Déjame Que Cante”)
Lead Vocals – Rafa “Richie” Rodríguez
Piano – Fonsi Rodríguez
Timbales – Alberto Martín
Vibraphone – Jordi Arocha
Trumpet – José Humberto Martín (on “Tremendo Cumban”)
Saxophone – Francisco “Paco” Dorta (on “Tremendo Cumban”)

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Soneroinca – Salsa Urbana Del Nuevo Mundo

Soneroinca, Peruvian raised in La Pequeña Habana – Miami US, is un urban salsero artist that brings us Andean fusions and unique Afro-soneos that distinguish his style and voice from the commercial. Twenty songs are recorded so far for his double album “Arreglos Saldados” which is based on his own experiences of daily life.

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