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MALAMANYA “Malamanya”


“Keeping Afro-Cuban inspired music alive! It’s just so gosh-darn fun!”

Malamanya is a United States based band comprised of musicians who share a mutual respect and enthusiasm for traditional rhythms and melodies from Cuba and Latin America. Their style is vintage and their sound is classic.

Their onstage energy and compositions reflect the communal, complex, and celebratory spirit prevalent in these musical genres. Their unique renditions of old, forgotten songs continue to energize diverse audiences.

Malamanya released a new full length album in August 2016.  A vintage Afro-Latin music project, with powerful female vocals and an unstoppable groove, recorded live in the studio using analog tape.

“Malamanya” Available On  cdbaby
- Members -
Jason Marks-Trumpet
Jesse Marks-Timbales
Luis Ortega-Percussion/Congas
Victor Johnson-Piano
Tony Schriner-Upright Bass/Tres/Percussion
Tom Peterson-Upright Bass/Tres
Vocals-Zusel Balbin

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Jazz P.R. “Homenaje al Cantante de los Cantantes”


After a 26 year collaboration in Afro-Caribbean music, vocalist/percussionist Willie Hernandez teams up with trombonist/arranger Randy Zimmerman to produce a tribute to Hector Lavoe, “El Cantante De Los Cantantes,” the singer of singers. The musical selections on this album, which include guaguanco, bolero, merengue, son montuno, and mambo jazz, are expertly rendered by their vehicle of choice, Jazz PR, the latin-jazz and hard-core salsa group based in Austin, Texas.

“Homenaje al Cantante de los Cantantes” Available On   cdbaby

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