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Ismael Miranda “Son 45” | EPK

A short presentation with images and videos of Ismael Miranda’s career. The song is entitled “Son 45” and it is a production of Victor Manuelle.

short bio: Puerto Rican Ismael Miranda became involved in popular music at a young age, participating in different local bands before teaming up with Andy Harlow. He debuted in 1967 with the release of an album recorded along with Joey Pastrana, featuring the hit “Rumbón Melon.” In 1973, Ismael Miranda joined Fania All-Stars, getting the nickname of “Niño Bonito” (Pretty Boy) due to his youthfulness. Later, he assembled his own orquestra called La Revelación, releasing a successful full-length record titled Asi Se Compone Un Son. He toured around the world soon after.

 “Son 45”  available on  Amazon + iTunes


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Is pop-Salsa Helping or Hurting Salsa Music? | Latino Music Cafe

by Hector Aviles

Eddie-PalmieriThat’s the debate Eddie Palmieri recently started and Victor Manuelle engaged in. In the lastest round of this topic that has been debated for years, Palmieri said that the new style of Salsa was hurting Salsa music, while Victor Manuelle reacted that it’s all part of Salsa music evolution.

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