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Tromboranga “Pachanga Changó” (Official Music Video)

New video clip from Tromboranga Salsa Orquesta – “Pachanga changó” .

Music composition by Joaquin Arteaga. 
Arrangement:Jose Blanes. 
Dancers: Falco Benalcazar, Annette, 
Aida prima Cali & Lil white chocolate. 
Video production:J.Arteaga. 
Camera and color:Michell Ribas. 
Direction & edition:Joaquin Arteaga. 
Production assistant:Vladimir Peña & Jesus Escalona.
“Tumbando fronteras” Available On  cdbaby

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“Ycugualagua” Marco Toro y su Ensamble (Official Video)

Marco Toro y su Ensamble New Album “12+1 Anniversary” Out Now!

Marco Toro: All Percussion
Javier Plaza: Lead Singer
Oscar Cordero “Chucky” Trompet, Backing Vocals & Arrangements
Felipe Castro: Baritone Sax
Matthias Konrad: Trombone
Samuel Ruiz: Baby Bass
Irving Manuel: Piano
Maaike van Zetten & Ramon Mendeville: Backing Vocals

Video Clip Directed, Filmed & Edited by

“12+1 Anniversary” Available On  cdbaby

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Timba Republic

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Yoruba Andabo

Yoruba Andabo is a Cuban band performing original sacred African music Yoruba Andabo es una banda cubana interpretando música africana sagrada originales.

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